The Catholic Churches of St Dominic's Dursley and St Joseph's Nympsfield

St Dominic's   St Joseph's

  Parish Priest: Father Philip Beisly,    Permanant Deacon: Domenic Bucci


Friday 3 December: 7.00pm at St Dominic's

Saturday 4 December: 5.30pm at St Joseph's

Sunday 5 December: 10.30am at St Dominic's

Wednesday 8 December: 9.00am at St Dominic's

Thursday 9 December: 10.00am at St Joseph's

Friday 10 December: 7.00pm at St Dominic's

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 Contact for both Churches is: St Dominic's Catholic Church, Jubilee Road, Dursley GL11 4ES Tel:01453 542039
Also see Contacts page for more information, location and email links


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